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How to answer-"Why should we hire you?"

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

When writing a resume, I often challenge my clients to dig deep and think about what they have " made, saved or achieved" in their work experience for companies they decide to include on their resume. The concept is simple; Hiring managers want to hire proven commodities, people who have done something that added value in their previous role. It is not enough to just say you are fabulous, you need to prove it in the way that the hiring manager feels like what you offer will benefit him/her, the role, the department, and the company.


What have you made, created, initiated, orchestrated or organized for a company in your previous role? It is important to keep a list of your accomplishments to be able to recall this type of information. Simple writing your day to day tasks is not enough. You must back it up with some real value.


Where have you saved the company money? If you did, how much did you save? How did you save it ? Did you save other important assets besides money, like clients? Have you saved employees from being laid off? Think about what you have saved in your roles and detail them.


Did you earn an award? Did you reach the highest sales quota for the quarter? Detail what you have accomplished and where you stacked up against you peers.

Having this information detailed on your resume and at your fingertips helps you during the interview process. When the mic is passed to you and you have to " tell the hiring manager about yourself," you can always discuss what you did/do, but then sprinkle in your key achievements.

To take your interview skills from drab to fab, contact Soar Executive Coaching and book your next interview preparation session.

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