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 Executive & Leadership Coaching
Corporate Package -


Unlock Extraordinary Leadership 

"Leadership is not about being in control, but about inspiring and empowering others to unleash their full potential." - Simon Sinek

Executive & Leadership coaching offers a powerful "thinking partnership" to empower your leaders in discovering their authentic brand of leadership, tapping into their unique values, and harnessing their strengths.

Ideal For

Executives & Leaders​

Managers & Directors

Individual Contributors

Challenged Employees

Change Adaptation

Emerging & High-Potential

Newly Promoted


What to Expect


  • Stakeholder Identification

  • Coaching Program Orientation for Employees and Managers

  • Administer 360 Feedback + Global DISC


Debrief & Development  (Month 1-2) 

  • Discuss 360 Feedback & Debrief Global DISC Assessment

  • Establish areas of focus and outcomes with Employee.

  • Alignment conversation with key required sponsors (i.e. boss, HR), Employee and Coach

  • Confirmation of coaching focus and objectives

Coaching (Months 3-5) 

  • Bi-weekly 60 minute coaching sessions

  • Interim check-ins via phone/email/text as needed by Employee

  • Resources such as articles, videos, information provided by Coach

Reflection & Alignment (Month 6)

  • Alignment meeting with Employee, Sponsor and Coach to review progress

Coaching & Re-Measurement (Months 7-11)

  • Re-measurement of 360 Feedback 

Close Program & Celebrate Success (Month 12)

  • Closing review meeting with Employee, review 360 Feedback re-measurement results

  • Final alignment meeting with Employee, Sponsor and Coach to reflect on progress

  • Closing session with Employee to focus on the future and sustainable growth

*The following 6-12 month outline is for informational purposes only. The structure of the engagement may be modified to fit the needs of your program. 

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Potential Focus Areas Covered in Your Executive Leadership Coaching Package

Professional Development

  • Skill enhancement

  • Strategic thinking

  • Personal growth

Performance Enhancement

  • Improving productivity

  • Conflict resolution

  • Emotional agility

Leadership Excellence

  • Succession planning

  • Change management

  • Executive alignment

Effective Communication

  • Communication skills

  • Enhanced collaboration

  • Team building

Resilience and Growth

  • Crisis management

  • Self-reflection

  • Innovation and creativity

Cultural Transformation

  • Organizational culture

  • Work-life balance

  • Talent retention and attraction


Inspiring the Team
Chris, the CEO of a tech startup, experienced a profound transformation through executive coaching, embracing decisiveness and empathy. The impact? A remarkable 20% surge in project efficiency and revitalized team morale.


From Contributor to Leader
Lisa, a rising star at a global corporation, seized the coaching opportunity, transitioning from a stellar individual performer to a remarkable team leader. Her success story led her to a senior leadership position within the company.


Empowering the Future
Michael, a manufacturing company's leadership team member, benefited from strategic coaching. The outcomes included improved decision-making, elevated problem-solving, and an impressive 20% boost in employee engagement, fueling overall performance and profitability.

Corporate Success Stories


Soar Success Stories

"Jaide helped me develop many strategies that brought me to the heart of many of my problems. Jaide has an uncanny ability to say what she sees and adroitly articulate what she observes. Jaide is fierce, outspoken and bright on the one hand, but also compassionate and full of empathy on the other. I would highly recommend her services as a consummate professional and someone dedicated to excellence in her craft."

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