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Soar Executive Career Coaching Services
- Self Package -


Take Control of Your Career Path

" You are awesome.  Make sure they know it." - Jaide Massin

Career coaching is your pathway to regaining control and empowerment over your professional journey, providing you with personalized guidance and strategies to make informed decisions, overcome challenges, and navigate your career trajectory with confidence and purpose.

Ideal For


Job Seekers

Mid-Career Professionals

Career Changers

Career Challengers

Career Returnees

Work-Life Balancers

Advancement Seekers




What to Expect

Career Coaching

  • Resume & Cover Letter Optimization

  • LinkedIn Optimization

  • Job Search Strategy & Networking

  • Career Exploration

  • Personal Branding & Value Proposition

  • Global DISC Assessment & Debrief

  • Interview Preparation

  • Salary Negotiation & Getting Hired

  • Transition Support

  • Long-Term Career Planning


*The structure of the engagement may be modified to fit your needs.

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Job interview

 Remarkable Client Transformations 


Transition Made Simple: A Leap into a New Field

Brian, an experienced professional seeking a fresh start in a new field, turned to Jaide for guidance. Together, we identified his valuable transferable skills, revamped his resume, and crafted a targeted job search strategy. The result? John's transition was smooth and efficient, showing that a career change can be an exciting opportunity, not a daunting challenge.

From Stuck to Fulfilled: Mid-Career Triumph

Meet John, a mid-career professional who felt trapped and unfulfilled in his job. Seeking clarity and purpose, he turned to Jaide's coaching. Through insightful guidance, John discovered his true values and interests, leading to a bold career pivot. Today, he's not just pursuing his dreams; he's thriving, with a renewed sense of purpose driving him forward.

Confidence Restored: Making a Career Comeback

Sarah, after a career break, felt uncertain and lacked confidence. Jaide's coaching was her turning point. We rebuilt her self-assurance, honed her job-seeking skills, and expertly navigated the job market. With Jaide's support, Sarah confidently returned to work, proving that a career break is just a pause, not the end of a successful journey.


Climbing the Ladder: Manager's Path to Promotion

Emily, a driven manager, aspired for a promotion but needed that extra edge. Jaide's support became her secret weapon. We refined her leadership skills, expanded her professional network, and crafted a compelling case for advancement. Emily not only got the promotion she aimed for but became a stronger, more confident leader, proving that strategic coaching can fuel career growth.

Guided to the Right Path: Navigating Post-Graduation

Fresh out of college, Alex faced the common dilemma of aligning passion with a career. Jaide's guidance was invaluable. Together, we explored various industries and roles, aligning Alex's passions with a promising career path. Today, Alex is thriving in a job that feels like a perfect fit, demonstrating that informed decisions at the start of a career can set the stage for lifelong success.


Soar Success Stories

"Jaide helped me develop many strategies that brought me to the heart of many of my problems. Jaide has an uncanny ability to say what she sees and adroitly articulate what she observes. Jaide is fierce, outspoken and bright on the one hand, but also compassionate and full of empathy on the other. I would highly recommend her services as a consummate professional and someone dedicated to excellence in her craft."

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