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About my book, You Bring You: Leverage Your Strengths for Success

My name is Jaide Massin, and I am the author of You Bring You: Leverage Your Strengths for Success. Having coached thousands of success-minded professionals seeking growth and fulfillment, I discovered that solely focusing on the issues wasn’t working. Not only was it demoralizing to my clients, it yielded little to no results. Often, people would revert back to old habits and thinking patterns that didn’t serve their goals. If only they spent the same amount of time, or more, focusing on and leveraging their strengths, imagine where they would be.

When we know our worth and value, we can face whatever challenges are presented to us because we are confident in the power of our inherent toolkit.

You Bring You is about helping bring essential self-awareness to your worth, value, and skills so that you can leverage them to achieve your goals. By shifting your mindset to focus on your strengths, you will naturally choose behaviors that not only align with your core values, but will bring you to success.


My hope is that, in reading this book, you will discover your own awesomeness and remind yourself how valuable and worthy you truly are. I hope to instill in you the motivation and excitement for taking chances and going after what you desire in life without hesitation. Ultimately, I want you to see this book as a roadmap to help you shift your mindset and behaviors to align with your goals.

With You Bring You, You will learn how to identify what drives you, free yourself from limiting beliefs, and gain the tools to actualize your potential. 

You Bring You is structured in 3 parts:


Your Mindset Shapes Your Journey:

The lens through which we perceive the world, our mindset, is the compass that directs the course of our journey through life. Our thoughts shape our beliefs, which, in turn, shape our actions and decisions.


Your Behaviors Manifest Your Journey:

Each choice, action, and interaction leaves an indelible mark on the canvas of our experiences. Whether it's the way we respond to challenges, extend kindness to others, or persevere in the face of adversity, our behaviors become the brushstrokes that shape the narrative of our journey.


Put Your Journey to Work — Resume, LinkedIn & Interview WorkBook:

By offering best practices and practical tips, this serves as your guide to articulate your unique value proposition effectively. Readers will discover actionable strategies to authentically represent their skills and competencies, making a lasting impression on potential employers and professional connections.

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