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"Let's close the gap between you
and your potential"


Executive &
Leadership Coaching

Coaching addresses a range of goals from creating self-awareness, increasing motivation, improving self-regulation, reframing one's mindset, and strengthening professional and personal relationships. The coaching relationship is a partnership between both the coach and coachee.   Jaide's coaching process aligns with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) professional standards and is action oriented, forward looking and thrives on accountability.


Career Coaching &
Job Search Consulting

This service helps growth minded professionals and job seekers identify, present, and conduct themselves in the most authentic and impactful way.  Career coaching includes resume and LinkedIn profile optimization, cover letter creation, job search guidance, interview preparation, pre-and post-interview strategy, informational interviews, salary negotiations, and mindset coaching.  The purpose is to provide the right kind of tailored support throughout your career growth or job search process to ensure success and get you hired.


Global DISC Assessment

Jaide is a licensed practitioner of the Global DISC Assessment which helps her clients gain greater awareness of their communication style, behavioral tendencies, and how to leverage their strengths.  Having a strong awareness of self gives a person the agency needed to show up optimally in any setting with any group,

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Client Testimonials

Jaide helped me craft a concise, compelling career story during my interview coaching session with her. She also offered individualized and practical advice on how to answer some of the trickiest interview questions. It was truly a pleasure working with Jaide. I felt more prepared and confident after my session with her.......and I got the job!


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