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 Executive & Leadership Coaching
- Self Package -


Achieve Your Goals

​​"Your time is limited, don't waste it living someone else's life." - Steve Jobs

Embarking on a coaching journey represents a strategic investment in your growth, empowering you to conquer challenges, refine skills, and confidently attain your professional aspirations.

Ideal For


Middle & Senior Managers  

Business Visionaries


Emerging Talent

Aspiring & Team Leaders

Recently Promoted Professionals 

Adapting in Leadership

Personal Growth Seekers


What to Expect

Coaching Engagement Design & Goal Setting

  • Identify Coaching Goals and Design Cadence

  • Administer Global DISC Assessment & Debrief Results

Coaching (Months 2-6)

  • Bi-weekly or monthly 60 minute coaching sessions

  • Interim support via phone/email/text as needed

  • Activities conducted to reinforce your goals

       (e.g. readings, resources, practice of specific                     activities or behaviors)

Reflection Point (Month 6)

  • Reflection session with you to discuss progress and reasses coaching goals.

Coaching (Months 7-11)

  • Bi-weekly or monthly 60 minute coaching sessions

  • Interim support via phone/email/text as needed

  • Activities conducted to reinforce your goals

       (e.g. readings, resources, practice of specific                     activities or behaviors)

Reflect, Re-asses & Celebrate Success (Month 12)

  • DISC Assessment Reflection

  • Closing reflection meeting and creation of your future plan.


*The following 6-12 month outline is for informational purposes only.  The structure of the engagement may be modified to fit your needs.

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Potential Focus Areas Covered in Your Executive & Leadership Coaching Package

Leadership Development

  • ​Skills, vision, ethics

Communication Skills

  • Influence, diversity, empathy

Conflict & Change

  • Resolutions, transitions, adaptability

Team Management

  • Collaboration, diversity, cohesion

Time & Goal Management

  • Productivity, prioritization, alignment

Executive Presence

  • Impact, confidence, authority

Stress & Emotional Agility

  • Resilience, balance, intelligence

Innovation & Performance

  • Creativity, improvement, feedback

Career Growth

  • Advancement, planning, milestones

Strategic Thinking

  • Planning, alignment, flexibility

Personal Branding & Networking

  • Reputation, connections, identity

Work-Life Balance

  • Harmony, well-being, boundaries

Resilience & Ethics

  • Adaptation, integrity, values



VP's Triumph: Navigating the C-Suite

A year long coaching partnership with Jaide equipped Joanne, a new VP, to skillfully implement strategic visioning, ensuring a seamless transition into her role and fostering a collaborative environment.

CEO's Evolution: Leading the Way

With Jaide as his strategic coach, visionary CEO Ben underwent a transformative coaching journey, reshaping his company's future, cultivating a dynamic culture, and achieving remarkable revenue growth.

From Burnout to Balance: Thriving Executive

Jaide's comprehensive coaching approach transformed high-achieving executive Aarti, providing essential stress management tools and facilitating seamless work-life integration, leading to renewed well-being and sustained success.

Startup Savvy: Decision-Making Dynamo

Savvy entrepreneur Steven excelled in his 6 month coaching engagement with Jaide, enhancing decision-making, adapting nimbly to rapid growth, and establishing a sustainable organizational structure, ensuring streamlined operations and optimizing profitability.

Client Success Stories


Soar Success Stories

"Jaide helped me develop many strategies that brought me to the heart of many of my problems. Jaide has an uncanny ability to say what she sees and adroitly articulate what she observes. Jaide is fierce, outspoken and bright on the one hand, but also compassionate and full of empathy on the other. I would highly recommend her services as a consummate professional and someone dedicated to excellence in her craft."

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